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The Butterflies of the Carolinas and Virginias!
you will soon be on your way to expanding your butterfly knowledge.
Beginners will find all the tools needed to get started, and experienced butterfliers
will be on their way to becoming experts.

The images are designed with rollover cursor features that will highlight identification marks. You will learn about host plants, seasonal variations, localities, and habitats.

Test your newfound knowledge with the butterfly quizzes designed for all skill levels.
Enjoy the breathtaking butterfly photography on the Butterfly Screensaver with optional species names display. Windows users be sure to check out the premium shareware screensavers on Butterflies and Skippers, Damselflies and Dragonflies. You can buy a copy of this interactive CD by going to the store
if it works for your computer on this site it'll work on CD only faster loading.


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